Superservice Triage ticked all of our boxes and was able to meet all of our business needs.

“Infomedia’s products have enabled us to deliver a premium level of service to our customers, ensuring they are kept informed and involved at each stage of the repair process.”

– Business Improvement Team
Jardine Motors Group, United Kingdom

We have been using Infomedia’s Superservice Triage electronic Vehicle Health Check (VHC) system for approximately 10 years in a number of our dealerships throughout the UK. Prior to this, all work in relation to vehicle health checks were conducted manually which was extremely labour intensive and added to the already significant workload of our technicians.

In the past, manually completing VHCs created a huge amount of work for technicians. Not only was it time consuming to analyse, there was always a risk of human error. This whole process was lengthy, cumbersome and not very efficient.

When introducing a new system, we wanted to streamline our process to make it easy for technicians to undertake the necessary work and find a way in which we could create more synergy with other areas of the business (e.g. parts team).

Initially we looked at a number of different solutions and we spoke to several suppliers to help to shape the system that we required. We had developed specific criteria that we assessed each of the suppliers against, to ensure that we had the best solution for our needs. These criteria included quality, user interface, adaptability and value for money.

The simplicity of the Superservice Triage system was one of the biggest selling points. We have colleagues based across large sites as remote workers who do not have regular access to a PC. Superservice Triage has been optimised for mobile and tablets, allowing our technicians to work with other teams (for example, the Parts Department) and vice-versa. Additionally, Superservice Triage showcased a fantastic level of support service, providing a dedicated Account Manager who is responsible for any support or queries that we have.

Most importantly, the Superservice Triage system ticked all of our boxes and was able to meet all of our business needs at the time of installation, as well as showing that the product had the ability to grow alongside our development.

In terms of user experience, Superservice Triage is quick and easy to use. It is also ‘further task’ driven, so when one task is completed, a notification is automatically sent to the individual or team who need to undertake the next task, helping to speed up processes and ensure that communication flows across the necessary teams.

Another significant featured benefit is the ability to directly contact customers, updating them on the progress of their vehicle and which areas may require additional work. This helps to provide greater transparency and ensures that customers build greater trust with our teams.

The support service Infomedia provide is second to none. We have been working with the team for ten years and during that time, we have had the same Account Manager. This has enabled us to build up a really good rapport and relationship and helps our Account Manager to understand our specific business needs. As this relationship has been established, we know that when new products become available, we are only promoted those that would help develop the business and support our objectives. The whole process, from initial contact to the present day, has been excellent and Infomedia have really got to understand our business. We have built some brilliant relationships and the support that we get from the team means that any issues or queries (although rare) are resolved almost immediately.

Furthermore, the team is really easy to work with and continue to provide a friendly and accessible service.

Infomedia’s products have enabled us to deliver a premium level of service to our customers, ensuring they are kept informed and involved at each stage of the process. The level of communication and collaboration across our teams has further increased ten-fold, creating a more productive and streamlined customer journey.

The Infomedia Superservice Triage system is integral to our business and has been adopted and embraced in teams throughout our network. The system is an effective solution to support customer service whilst delivering transparency and integrity throughout our operations. We would have no hesitation in thoroughly recommending Infomedia.