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Automatic updates to the latest OE parts & pricing information
Create & customize menus, labor rates, labor times, parts & sundry pricing
Seamless integration with DMS, eMPI and EPC
Accurate, VIN-specific menu information
Prepare quotes, repair orders, invoices & lifetime service plans in seconds

Digital precision quoting sells service and retains customers

An online, VIN-specific Service Quoting system that grows customer satisfaction and increases sales of parts and labor.
Superservice Menus™ empowers Service Advisors to deliver a fully priced and itemized service quote with transparency and efficiency.

How it works

Identify a vehicle by VIN or Model look-up.

Select the service operation required.

Open the Quoting and RO system for a fully priced quote displaying all labor, parts and sundries.

Losing customers to the aftermarket is no longer inevitable

Superservice Menus facilitates service staff to quote with VIN-precision and the latest pricing, without delay. This helps staff deliver informative, confident and engaging customer service that deepens understanding and strengthens the value of genuine service.

The results? Customers feel in-control and informed about their vehicle’s servicing, and are more trusting of dealership staff. This increases service conversion rates along with parts and labor sales. Customers are also more satisfied, leading to higher customer retention rates beyond the warranty period.

Powerful sales tools and automation

Features that make accurate quoting simple:

  • Quotes, repair orders, invoices and lifetime service plans in seconds
  • Add and remove fully priced operations instantly
  • Service schedules up to 210,000kms
  • Genuine accessory fitment operations
  • Dealer customization of labor rates, parts pricing and shop supplies
  • VIN and Registration specific menu information
  • Repair operations contain all related parts required – not just the primary or causal part
  • 10 years of model coverage, with new models added as they are released
  • Automatic updates to the latest parts and pricing data
  • Up to 300 common repairs per model
  • Seamless integration with leading DMS systems
invoice1Vehicle ID: VIN, Build, Options
invoice2Price for Labor
invoice3Operation description
invoice4Job story
invoice5Part numbers, descriptions and prices
invoice6Lubricant specs and prices
invoice7Labor time
invoice8Warranty code
invoice9Total itemized price

Mobile flexibility and efficiency

Superservice Menus transforms the customer experience with fast, accurate and personalized service quoting via any internet-enabled device.

With user-friendly functionality and automatic updates to the latest parts and pricing information, it frees up Service Advisors to spend valuable time selling to customers rather than chasing parts pricing, querying jobs or researching labor times.

Specific to your dealership and your customers

The depth and accuracy of Superservice Menus’ Automaker service schedules, repair and accessory fitment operations ensures process consistency and staff efficiency in pricing and invoicing across:

  • Service reception
  • Parts counter
  • Pre-delivery
  • Showroom
  • Service workshop
  • Warranty claims
  • Fleet sales
  • Call centre

With complete flexibility to customise labor rates, labor times, parts and sundry pricing, Superservice Menus enables you to get creative with your sales strategies:

  • Create and sell service plans
  • Create menus for your own service campaigns


Accurate Quotes
Accurate Invoices
Maximized Sales


Process Efficiency
Staff Productivity
System Integration

Customer Retention


Superservice Triage eVHC

Maximize service sales with eMPI integration

With full integration to Superservice Triage electronic Multi-Point Inspection; Superservice Menus can instantly price all parts, labor and shop supplies identified in a vehicle inspection.

This integration empowers staff to quote quickly and accurately for complex repairs, reducing the time spent researching parts information and labor times and increasing on-the-spot work authorizations.

Maximize service bookings with Superservice Connect

Superservice Connect is an online, VIN-precise self-serve booking and quoting system that delivers an engaging service selling presence on a dealership or automaker website.

It harnesses the power of VIN-precise menus information from Superservice Menus to give customers the flexibility to get a quick service quote and booking confirmation, at any time, any day.

Maximize service retention with Superservice Register

Superservice Register is an online, VIN-specific service history database that is secure and transparent to help dealerships gain a competitive edge against aftermarket repairers.

It harnesses the power of VIN-specific job information from Superservice Menus to help dealerships record and retrieve accurate digital service history with ease.