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What’s New in Superservice MPI

March 2022

See our new features and updates to Superservice that will help dealerships provide a higher level of service to customers:

Dealer Reports: New Video Dashboard

To measure the success of videos captured within Superservice, we have introduced a new Video Dashboard which highlights critical KPIs for dealers:

  • Number of Jobs with video capture, regardless of whether the MPI was sent to the customer or not.
  • Number of Jobs with walk-around video capture, regardless of whether the MPI was sent to the customer or not.
  • Number of Jobs sent to the customer via email or SMS, regardless of whether the MPI has attached media or not
  • Number/Percentage of Jobs with media evidence

New Notes for Customers

The single existing Notes field has been separated into two fields:

  • Notes, which can be used internally by dealership staff, and
  • Notes for Customer, which shall be displayed on customer-facing forms.

This functionality will be present in the Inspection, Bodywork, Tyres and Quote tabs. Here’s how it works.

New Filters in Customer Authorization Dashboard

We’ve added two new dropdown filters to the Customer Authorization report, so that users can drill down to which Technician and Service Advisor worked on it. This improves transparency and provides more in-depth reporting for your business needs.

New Skoda Theme

We’ve added another application theme color to Superservice: Skoda! This theme will appear throughout the application and also on the Customer Authorization screen.

To apply this theme, go to General Settings, select the Skoda logo and theme color.

Upgraded Notification System

The notification infrastructure has been upgraded to make it faster and more resilient, so you never miss a notification or an automatic update within the application.

Manual Entry of Follow Up Date

To make it easier for dealers to follow up on declined or deferred work, Superservice now offers users the ability to manually enter a follow-up date instead of an automatic date applied via settings. Users can either: scroll through a calendar and select a date, or manually enter a date.

PSI on Customer-Facing Materials

For more transparency, Superservice now has a field for users to record the air pressure of tires (PSI). This information will be clearly displayed on all customer-facing materials such as the Inspection report, Customer Authorization report and print template.

We hope you enjoy the latest updates to Superservice. Need help or have any questions? Feel free to get in touch with our customer support team!