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What’s New in Superservice Triage MPI

By March 29, 2023Product Updates

March 2023

We continue to work hard on enhancing Superservice Triage so that it remains at the forefront of your Service Department operations. Here are a few highlights of what’s new, along with some future improvements that will help your dealership provide a better service to your customers:

Customer Authorization: Custom Intro and Outro Video

This new feature allows a dealership to add an intro and/or outro video to be displayed to the customer when they are viewing the recorded walkaround video in the vehicle report. This is a great way to promote the OEM brand and the dealership.

Job Screen: Vehicle Selection

We’ve made improvements to the way we display Vehicle information on the Job Screen. Previously when a VIN was validated in Triage, there was a lot of information and data displayed, which may have caused users to choose the incorrect option or none at all. This improvement allows users to quickly identify the right option and visually provides a much better overall user experience.

Bi-directional WhatsApp Integration

The new bi-directional WhatsApp integration enables a dealership to communicate with their customers through a chat window within Superservice Triage. It sends real-time workflow messages to the customer through text messages. The app also lets dealerships know when a message comes in and if a customer has authorized the additional work. This is a great tool for sending service reminders, campaign reminders, vehicle reports and letting customers know where their vehicle is at in real time.

Customer Authorization: Inclusion of Authorized Amount

To improve the customer experience, we have included the total authorized amount to the Quote screen. Previously, vehicle owners commented that the price of additional work they were quoted, was different to what they had accepted via the digital authorization form.

By adding in the quoted amount to the customer authorization note, Service Advisors know exactly what was quoted, so if they need additional parts, labor and/or shop supplies, they can let the customer know.

Jobs Today: Flexibility to Display Different Data on Job Tiles

We’ve improved the Jobs Today view so that users can select and change which default data they want to view on each job tile. This will allow those dealers who want to see both Registration and Key Tags at the same time. This can be set up via settings and it can be done per user within the dealership.

Quote Screen: Changing the Stock on Hand Value vs what the DMS returned

If a part isn’t in stock and a dealer must order it in (e.g. interstate or overseas), Part Advisors can change the stock on hand value and override the DMS value, so that Service Advisors can provide customers accurate information on the time it takes to source the part. (Please note: only available with advanced integration)

DMS Integration: Recalculated Shop Supplies

This enhancement makes the process of creating a quote easier and more accurate for Parts and Service Advisors. When users press the DMS price button, shop supplies are automatically calculated. Previously, the shop supplies were not being updated which caused Parts and Service Advisors to enter them manually. (Please note: only available for advanced integration)

We hope you enjoy the latest updates to Superservice Triage. Need help or have any questions? Feel free to get in touch with our customer support team!