Auto Partsbridge improves order efficiency, sales volume and wholesale customer relationships and retention.

“Auto PartsBridge helped capture… 22% Additional OE Market Share …on estimates coming through the program.”

– Todd Garrett, Parts Director
Lexus of Chattanooga, TN

Lexus of Chattanooga opened as a sister dealership of Capital Toyota to offer a broader range of purchasing options in Tennessee. In the decades since, the team has dedicated itself to delivering an excellent ownership experience and retaining customers through the entire vehicle ownership lifecycle, including parts and service. Today, the same extends to its wholesale business, working with body shops in Tennessee and several nearby states. Auto PartsBridge plays an important role in the success they have achieved.

“Auto PartsBridge helps us in a lot of ways, including being a customer retention tool,” says Todd Garrett, Parts Director, Lexus of Chattanooga, TN. “Our dual Toyota store was one of the first dealerships to adopt the system back in 2008. I knew it would benefit both us and our customers, so I put a salesperson on the road to reach out to body shops. When they saw what it could do for them, they latched right onto the program; especially small shops in rural areas. It’s been growing and going strong ever since. Auto PartsBridge has helped us nearly double our parts volume.”

Powerful but Simple
“Visibility of the parts catalog is huge for our wholesale customers. Auto PartsBridge lets them look up their own parts anytime they want, right from their shop. It’s fast and easy, but it also has a lot of capabilities. They can actually view the parts, and we’re all looking at the same parts data, which really helps with communication. It also uses VIN-specific OE information, so they know they’re ordering the right parts. We have way fewer returns because they get it right the first time. Plus, parts counter staff can see the entire estimate, enabling them to capture salvage, aftermarket and OE items. And Auto PartsBridge integrates with our DMS faster, saving time and money.”

More Sales, Less Turnover
“Auto PartsBridge enables us to recapture aftermarket parts sales with more competitive quotes and special pricing programs. Body shops really like the ordering efficiency, accuracy and complete orders with everything they need, like clips and fasteners. Once they become our customers, it’s impressive how many stay with us. The system makes it easy to order and buy from us, it reduces returns, it’s more accurate, and it saves time. That creates loyalty and reduces turnover.”

The Bottom Line
“A key differentiator between us and others is that we use Auto PartsBridge. That helps us take better care of our customers by providing higher quality service. It’s great for customers, it increases our sales, it’s highly efficient and it builds customer relationships. It’s a bridge to success for us.”