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A Future Motors dealership uses cloud based systems to bring all players inside the one circle.

The internet is an information rich sales and buying channel that works for everyone – buyers and sellers alike. It’s an empowering self service technology that provides OE manufacturers, dealerships and consumers with more complete information, directly relevant to the point of purchase.
Through open interfaces and cooperation, manufacturers see real time trends, dealers answer prospects and customers instantly, and they compete with substitute suppliers without one hand tied behind their back.
To wholesale and retail consumers starved of information, Future Motors is the online equivalent of stepping inside the parts warehouse or service reception, with an access all areas badge, a supercharged shopping cart and a readiness to buy.
Systems like ours support Future Motors and fit naturally the brand promise of genuine parts and service. Genuine quality is more trusted than any substitute and so commands a premium price. And that price is reinforced by Infomedia selling systems.
Future Motors is a thriving community of buyers and sellers. And the best part, with access to the Infomedia Parts and Service Selling System, it’s already here!

Meeting the Needs of Today and Challenges of Tomorrow.

Our systems expand the OE information available to dealers and their consumers, while filtering choices with precision accuracy. When the information that supports decision making is accurate and trusted, purchasing is much easier.

Our systems are VIN specific, contain faster search and filtering features, and even offer recommendations that make selling much easier. Sales-based intelligence goes beyond simple reports to the trends that are occurring in the local, regional and even global marketplace. Better information means being better prepared for the challenges of today and tomorrow.

Our systems are about mobility. Stepping out from behind the counter and bringing the sale to where-ever the prospect is. The Internet “cloud” enables it with mobile computers, Pads, tablets and smart phones offering access to information in real time. Field staff input orders using an internet connected tablet, and let their warehouse team go to work immediately. Or customers self-serve using systems based on professional dealership applications.

This ‘un-tethering’ from a physical location helps Future Motors dealerships win sales, time and again.

Online Selling Systems Make a Great Business Even Better

Designing great equipment. Sure. Producing great equipment. Yes. Selling great equipment. Absolutely. Original Equipment Manufacturers know a lot about being a great business. And they also know that after sales is the profit and customer retention lifeblood of their dealer networks.

Genuine dealerships the world over fight every day against well resourced, well marketed, well discounted aftermarket product lines and services. OEMs that go further than just being great arm their dealer networks with high powered professional selling tools. Future Motors tools.

Future Motors selling tools don’t come off an equipment production line. Nor are they result of publishing the output of back-end manufacturing systems. They are made by after sales experts like Infomedia. By working with OEMs the world over, we know how after sales works for Future Motors. We see how OEM systems – logistics, data management and network support – fit.

We’re producing world leading online selling systems that meets the need for smarter, more professional approach by OEMs and dealers.

Embracing the Future To Serve Customers

Today, the methods by which dealers communicate with their customers, are as changeable and variable as the customers themselves.

A dealers’ customer may be wholesale, retail or independent and may visit online, by phone or directly to the doorstep. The Future Motors dealership has a range of tools on hand to effectively deal with any and all of these situations.

Infomedia’s products allow dealers to adapt to this shifting customer landscape. The key to our advantage is software that’s as versatile as it is flexible, allowing dealers to actively grow sales and respond smoothly and effectively to any customer issue at hand.

So you can be confident that whatever the ‘Future Motors’ future looks like, Infomedia selling systems will always be there, every step of the way.