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sell more parts,
more efficiently

With the industry-leading parts selling
platform and Electronic Parts Catalogue


Electronic Parts Catalogue

Microcat EPC – Online EPC with automatic updates to the latest OEM parts data, that grows dealer parts sales, productivity and customer satisfaction.

Collision Parts Ordering

Microcat PartsBridge – EPC-based online parts ordering system that connects dealers with body shops, to sell more OE collision parts.

Mechanical Parts Ordering

Microcat MARKET – EPC-based online parts ordering system that connects dealers with independent repair shops, to sell more OE mechanical parts.

Wholesale Parts CRM

Microcat CRM – Online CRM that connects the entire parts sales channel from OEM, dealer to wholesale customer.

Instant Messaging Tool

Microcat Messenger – EPC-integrated messaging tool that connects a parts department with wholesale customers and other internal dealer staff.

Microcat LIVE is very impressive. I especially like the diagrams, nice and easy to enlarge, in addition easy to print and email. The ease of emailing parts diagrams to customers had really been a big plus. In fact, it's so easy and quick enough that most of the time we are looking at the same information during our call. Much easier than faxing and recalling the customer later.

Jo Catt, Owner — Mooney Motors Ford

Microcat LIVE works great for our dealership. It’s very smooth to use and was quick to learn. Working with wholesale customers, being able to email parts illustrations is a major WOW!

Scott Fisher, Parts Manager

I like how it doesn't take up space on the hard drive and it is always updated. I also like that it is fast and I think that the email feature and D2D link are great capabilities. Awesome product!

Tyre Holloway, Parts Manager — Champion Ford Lincoln Merc

We have had an extremely good relationship with Microcat for 5 years. When the new Microcat LIVE version evolved we were hesitant at first- afterall change can be difficult. After using Microcat LIVE for the last 6 months, we would not want to go back. Form the ease of use to the excellent tutorials available online, the transition was very smooth. I can't say enough about the product and support staff at Infomedia.

Joe Koch, Parts Manager

The new Microcat LIVE has the most parts information of any catalog that I have ever used. Plus knowing that my data is always up to date without ever having to do an update is a huge benefit.

Frank Van Doren , Parts Manager — Springfield Toyota

We use Microcat LIVE for all 8 of our subscriptions. The learning curve is minimal. LIVE is working so well that we canceled all of our DVD subscriptions. I highly recommend LIVE to any dealer who is considering changing their electronic catalog vendor

Jim Jarzynski, Parts Manager

Microcat LIVE greatly improves the workflow behind the Parts Counter; with less steps to get to the right part, easy access to TIS information, and the ability to really zero in on illustrations. With the latest data – Microcat LIVE keeps our dealership current.

Donna Mason, Parts Interpreter — C.F. Schwartz Toyota

I am amazed at all the features available in Microcat LIVE. I especially love that it can be accessed from anywhere. The new features really save us time, with the cross catalogue information and the easy transfer of parts into our in house system. Since switching, we haven’t experienced any downtime. It’s been flawless.

Doug Souther, Parts Manager

The videos are great, too. I’ve found they are the best way to train new users. They walk them through the system and familiarize them with Microcat in no time at all.

Russell Geesing , Parts Manager — Classic Toyota of Tyler