CVIS streamlines service and improves customer satisfaction at Gary Rome Kia.

“Using CVIS we have recovered
as much as $8,000
deferred service per month.”

– Al Fontaine, Service Manager
Gary Rome Kia

Plain talk and high expectations are a way of life in New England and at Gary Rome Kia of Enfield, Connecticut. Integrity, honest value and treating people like family have made Gary Rome Kia the go-to Kia dealership for sales and service in northern Connecticut and western Massachusetts. Exceeding expectations is their way of doing business. To continue delivering on this commitment and to optimize its service and parts departments, Gary Rome Kia implemented CVIS.

“It’s important that we stay ahead of the curve and do everything we can to make our service department the best it can be,” says Al Fontaine, Service Department Manager at Gary Rome Kia. “CVIS is helping us do that in a variety of ways, from streamlining our service process to giving our customers a better service experience.”

Customer-Friendly Features
“Customers really like the way CVIS improves how we deliver service,” says Fontaine. “First, it improves the MPI walkaround and makes it easy to document and show recommended work. Using the tablets is very professional. They also like being able to see photos and videos of the repairs we suggest. It definitely adds to our credibility and increases the amount of approved work. We’ve been able to recover as much as $8,000 a month in deferred service with CVIS. Being able to send quotes and get approvals by email or text is a big positive for a lot of customers, too.”

Simple & Easy
“The functionality of CVIS is outstanding,” says Fontaine. “The menus are user friendly and it is a very easy process. Our advisors and techs like being able to use the tablets, and some even use their phones. They like the photos and videos, too, because it also helps document our walk-arounds, as well as recommended service. We avoid issues by taking pictures of the entire vehicle and recording mileage. This helps streamline the process.”

Efficient Technology
“Generating accurate quotes is so much faster and easier with CVIS’s VIN-specific information,” says Fontaine. “It’s all in the system, and it happens automatically, without going back and forth to parts. We’ve also cut back on a lot of paperwork because service recommendations and information are already in the system. It’s much more efficient.”

The Bottom Line
“CVIS has definitely improved and sped up our entire process,” says Fontaine. “It makes us more efficient and more responsive, and it improves our customer experience. CVIS has been a real plus for our dealership.”