We want to offer you the chance to sit down for a coffee with our dedicated Euro 6 strategists.

We would like to discuss how Infomedia are custodians of data for some of Europe’s leading OEMs.

Our Euro 6 solution delivers the opportunity to take control, mitigate risk and offer a secure data sharing platform for valuable vehicle repair and maintenance information (RMI).

We provide you with:

  • Guidance – on Euro 6 compliance
  • Intuitive data management – to share your data securely and profitably
  • Best-in-class analytics – to maximise usage insights and ROI
  • Scalable solution – that can cope with new data sources such as connected car data

To arrange a call with our Euro 6 expert, Arnie Bhattacharya, our VP of Data, please complete the following form.

Euro 6 Form