Creating a more transparent and trusted customer experience for Toyota of Glendora.

“Superservice increased customer pay part sales by 15% and lifted customer pay labor sales by 10%.”

– David Petrus, Parts and Service Director,
Toyota of Glendora

Toyota of Glendora is a midsize, family-owned dealership that prides itself on quality customer service and genuine client satisfaction. Their goal is to “obtain maximum customer service and satisfaction, while achieving optimal efficiency, productivity and customer retention.”

To achieve this goal, David Petrus, the Parts and Service Director at Toyota of Glendora, implemented Superservice VIN-precise Quoting and Multi-point Inspection (MPI) as its service management system.

Automated MPI System Improves Service Performance

Superservice brought instant results by streamlining their service process and empowering them to identify more work.

“Immediately upon signing on with Superservice, we experienced an increase in customer pay part sales by 15% and it has lifted customer pay labor sales by 10%,” said David.

Technicians now quote quickly and accurately for complex repairs, reducing the time spent researching parts information and labor times.

“We have used paper, DMS and other web-based MPI systems in the past. Superservice provides a superior method by auto-populating pre-defined job set-ups and pulling part numbers from their own catalogue, allowing us to reach the optimal goal of quarter-time diagnosis.”

“The ability to use VIN-precise menus to price work quickly and improve communications between departments is of the upmost importance to us. It allows us to collaborate between departments, resulting in a boost in effective and productive communication,” continued David.

Transform Customer Experience with Open Communication

“Using Superservice improves the customer experience with a thorough health check of the vehicle,” said David.

After the vehicle check, customers are provided with an informative and easy-to-understand vehicle inspection report, complete with visual evidence and accurate pricing.

“It allows for better communication with the customer. The Superservice process creates a more transparent customer experience by providing photos and videos directly to the customer via SMS or email.”

“This allows the customer to feel more assured that we are paying special attention to their vehicle and that the process is honest,” said David.

Improve Productivity and Performance with Reporting

David also believes that Superservice keeps his technicians productive and accountable.

“The audit trail built into the system reflects transparency throughout the entire process.”

Another key feature he loves is the comprehensive real-time analytics that provides key insights to improve staff performance.

“I chose to implement Superservice due to their detailed and robust use of KPI data to pool staff productivity levels in real time.”

“The previous DMS system was challenging because the servers were much slower, and the products are archaic. Superservice offers a web-based MPI system with all of the reporting tools already in place. We also have the additional option of pooling reported data into a customized Excel report,” said David.

Maximize ROI with Comprehensive Training

“The onboarding and training process was comprehensive and easy to use.”

“Infomedia’s on-site team did not leave until both key management and the employees using the system were proficient. They dedicated additional follow-up consultations and training as needed to guide us through benchmarks for maximum use of the product,” said David.

After completing a successful roll-out of Superservice and seeing great results for both Parts and Service departments, David is excited to explore other solutions from Infomedia.

“We plan to use additional Infomedia products in the future. I would recommend Superservice to others.”

Superservice TriageOnline Digital Vehicle Inspections

Superservice Triage empowers Service Advisors to deliver an easy-to-understand, fully priced vehicle inspection report with transparency and efficiency.