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Chrysler Retains Customers with Mopar Express Lane Program

By July 10, 2014February 6th, 2017Industry News/Trends

mopar-express-laneIn an attempt to expand the loyalty of new car customers, Chrysler has launched the Mopar Express Lane in about 800 dealerships nationally. In its feasibility study, Mopar found that on average, 37 independent repair shops surround each Chrysler U.S. dealership. Undaunted by the odds and confident in its brand, Chrysler launched the Mopar Express Lane Pilot in about 1/3 of all its U.S. Dealerships. Intentionally designed to stand apart from the dealership’s service department, the Mopar Express Lane offers walk-in, no-appointment service for high frequency-low labor operations, such as: battery sales, tire rotation, and oil change.

To compete with independent quick lube shops, Chrysler Group is hoping their own Express Lane Service will keep customers within dealership walls for all automotive sales and operations. It will also free up technicians in the Service Department to focus their skill on more complex repair operations.

The approximately 800 Dealerships piloting the Mopar Express Lane already have experienced increased part sales and repair orders throughout the dealership than those without the Express Lane. With virtually no wait times, the Express Lane appeals to customers who want standard maintenance on demand. Additionally, if the Express Service multi point inspection reveals the need for a more complex repair operation, the car is more likely move to the Service Department for the extended repair. That means all repair dollars stay at the dealership.

Even though the majority of Mopar Express Lanes are located within the dealership, they are intentionally designed to appear as stand-alone enterprises, to match customer expectations of an independent quick lube shop.

Similar to traditional dealership service operations, Mopar Express Lane offers a free comprehensive vehicle inspection or MPI on every vehicle in the Express Lane. The technician can then share the inspection results with the customer on site. This gives the customer a sense of control and provides the technician an immediate answer regarding those items in the red or yellow zone. Instead of contacting the customer by phone, email, or waiting until the customer returns to retrieve their vehicle, identified items can be approved and completed on the spot.

Chrysler is confident this real time identification and resolution of repairs will go far in building and maintaining customer trust. With Mopar branding under a Chrysler rooftop, the objective of the Mopar Express Lane is to rise above the crowded competition for consumer’s business. Competing with 37 local independent repair shops, and disproving the “service in dealerships is always more expensive” mantra, quality must feed convenience. Customers are willing to pay for genuine parts, but only if it fits into their already busy schedule and gives them a sense of ownership in the process.