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Increase repair quoting speed and accuracy with an electronic Multi-Point Inspection

By October 8, 2015August 22nd, 2018Service Drive

Integration between an electronic Multi-Point Inspection system (eMPI) and VIN-precise Service Menus delivers instant pricing that wins consumer confidence and closes more sales on the spot.

Pricing. The very mention of the word in the context of vehicle servicing can send a shiver down a customer’s spine. For some vehicle owners, genuine service can carry the perception of being an expensive exercise.

In today’s world of consumer advice websites, accessible online reviews, real-time social feedback and instant price matching; it’s not just the final price that matters but also the process used to get there. Price transparency has become of increased importance in the final consumer purchase decision.

As well as transparency, pricing accuracy and speed are also critical to the final purchase decision as customers now expect immediate outcomes. In unfamiliar surroundings such as a service department, it’s a slow pricing process that can compromise customer trust. A miskey with a calculator, lengthy delays fetching parts prices at the back counter or the need to double check pricing with other staff, can all inadvertently create doubt and uncertainty for the customer and heighten feelings of being treated differently to others.


A better way to price

– integration with an electronic Multi-Point Inspection system (eMPI)

Automatic pricing of identified parts, labor, fluids, shop supplies and taxes is a quicker and more accurate way of pricing. It’s all possible with powerful integration capabilities between an electronic Multi-Point Inspection system (eMPI) and VIN-precise Service Menus.

With this integration, pricing as well as part numbers, quantities and labor times specific to the VIN, are applied to an inspection report with a single click or tap of the tablet, in full view of the customer. With all interpretation and pricing done, technicians aren’t required to wait at the parts or service counters for pricing information or to research labor times. This transforms staff efficiency, as getting a quote back to the customer has never been easier, faster or more accurate.

Automatic pricing is the edge for closing more sales

automatic-pricing-signoffWith no ‘waiting around’ for pricing, connection with the customer is never disrupted and staff are empowered to communicate the importance and necessity of individual repairs as opposed to justifying a final cost. Work can then be authorized on the spot, directly on the tablet or smartphone.

Plus as the pricing is digital and updated automatically, staff will have access to current and accurate service pricing that eliminates the burden of any data maintenance.

Automatic and instant digital pricing eliminates ambiguity about pricing and processes, and builds trust through greater transparency. It not only reduces the risk of misquoting, but delivers a consistent and speedy outcome on what is arguably the most important single interaction of the customer experience.