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As digital transformation accelerates, we see an explosion in the availability of valuable automaker, dealership and customer data.

With access to more data and intelligent vehicle information, automakers and dealerships can make faster, smarter and more profitable aftersales decisions… but making sense of all that data and turning it into something tangible and actionable can be challenging.

Infomedia can help you achieve your desired aftersales outcomes with Infodrive.

Introducing the Infodrive Platform

In 2019, we acquired Nidasu, an Australian-based automotive data solutions company. Since then, we’ve grown our data platform capability with more data, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and predictive analytics. Today, I’m excited to share our new data and data insights platform – Infodrive.

Our goal for Infodrive is to leverage data to drive personalized and timely customer experiences, promote dealership efficiencies and improve  aftersales results.

We want to empower digital transformation, drive new ideas and help automakers incorporate data driven innovation into their customer strategies.

We do this by leveraging automotive data assets and Infomedia’s analytics IP from our Microcat, Superservice and Nidasu solutions, and deliver that information in an accessible, useful and actionable format. Infodrive delivers data solutions our partners and customers can implement to grow their aftersales business in a targeted and efficient manner.

Infodrive combines leading-edge data science and analytics with real-world understanding of the challenges dealerships face, how customers really behave, and the practical data — and support — that automakers and dealerships need for long-term growth and success.

Manage Aftersales Data with Infodrive Data

Infodrive Data provides powerful capability to collect, analyze and exploit big data opportunities within the aftersales customer journey.

Collected data can be combined to create ecosystem connectivity across parts, service and showroom dealer activities, to drive better customer insights and sales potential.

We have designed a purpose-built data warehousing capability to leverage aftersales data in two ways:

1. Data Collection, Cleansing
and Standardization

1. Collection and standardization of disparate data sources from automaker, dealer, DMS, customer, vehicle, connected car, transactional and stock data.

2. OEM
Data Broker

2. Combined Microcat and Superservice data assets delivered and accessible ‘as a service’ across the retail automotive ecosystem by 3rd parties and technology vendors in collision, mechanical and B2C parts and service environments.

Infodrive Data facilitates a scalable solution for automakers to manage, use and share VIN-specific vehicle, parts and service information with 3rd parties. In Europe, many of Infomedia’s automaker and national sales company partners have identified Infodrive Data as an empowering and dependable technology solution to meet ‘Right to Repair’ legislative requirements.

Predict and Retain Customers with Infodrive Analytics

Infodrive Analytics utilizes advanced data science and business insights (BI) principles to help automakers and dealerships maximize efficiency  and productivity. It unlocks new ways to understand customer behaviour, generate insight-based communication plans, and optimize and predict parts and service inventory in advance.

Rich KPI comparisons are available in real-time with easy breakdown by department, demonstrating dealership performance and trends, compared with benchmarks such as: the national average, similar sized dealers and the dealer’s region.

Benchmarking reports can be used to drive quality assurance, dealer optimization and customer experience workflows with numerous benefits, including:

Increasing loyal service customers with corrective actions
Infodrive real-time analytics and machine learning allows dealerships to quickly identify, acknowledge and resolve customer complaints in a timely manner before customers defect to aftermarket providers.

Mapping customer journeys with pre-emptive service marketing
Infodrive Analytics can predict important events in a customer lifecycle and increase value during the vehicle ownership period. Dealerships are empowered to proactively approach customers with new and relevant products and services.

Tracking service retention rates with automated retention analysis
Automakers can access retention/churn models with Infodrive Analytics to understand the stages of customer experience and design communication plans that engage vehicle owners in the right way, at the right time.

This maximizes productivity and reduces costs by transforming normalized data structures into fast, accurate and automated recommendations.

Engage Customers with Infodrive Marketing

Infodrive Marketing helps aftersales management engage with customers via timely, relevant and personalized marketing campaigns.

The automated platform utilizes predictive analytics to create campaigns across the complete aftersales lifecycle, including new model offers, accessory sales, service bookings, warranty recall campaigns, declined work follow-up, parts trade campaigns and much more.

Using continuously updated data together with machine learning, Infodrive Marketing allows for a better understanding of customers’ needs and helps create higher engagement in marketing messaging through personalization.

It empowers an automated end-to-end process with campaign execution that yields higher-value ROI:

Automated customer campaigns

  • Analyze every VIN and predict next service requirements by time or distance using network-wide data.
  • Selective marketing campaigns based on customers’ driving and purchasing behavior – like those with vehicles likely to require
    brake replacements.
  • Selective customer loyalty campaigns to help customers transition to a new vehicle.
  • Identify lapsed and lost customers eligible for win-back campaigns.
  • Categorize and select parts trade customers eligible for targeted campaigns, including mechanical, collision and fleet.

Deep, hyper-personalized and on-brand communications

  • Dealers only need a two-step process to create personalized customer communication pieces based on dealer details, customer location, VIN, vehicle age and service history.

Clear ROI measurement

  • Every campaign highlights dealer and customer engagement, interactions and click-throughs.
  • Campaigns provide measurements of the value generated, the number of specific parts sold for service, or scheduled services generated from campaigns.

Unlike other providers, Infodrive Marketing provides a solution with clear KPIs and ROI for every step of the customer journey, incorporating the dealership‘s own data to communicate and foster loyalty with their customers.

Future-proof Aftersales with Infodrive Connected Car

Infodrive Connected Car helps automakers collect, analyze and leverage data generated by connected vehicles for aftersales marketing.

It integrates seamlessly with existing OEM connected car services to automate unique, real-time customer offers and reminders based on remote diagnostic data and driver behaviour.

Infodrive Connected Car insights are augmented with service history information already owned by the dealership to anticipate vehicle repair needs before they occur.

It reinvents customer relationships, maximizes the value of connected vehicles, and improves existing data-driven aftersales tools such as Online Booking, Service History and Vehicle Inspection applications.

The Infodrive Connected Car platform provides distinctive new capabilities with:

Predictive analytics to build vehicle profiles

  • Proactive and automated vehicle health assessment through remote diagnostic.
  • Identifies vehicle service maintenance and repairs ahead of time.
  • Uses connected data to navigate best traffic conditions for preferred dealership.
  • Uses root cause analysis to understand why vehicles are failing: e.g., analysis of vehicle system groups and configurations.
  • Streamlines recall campaigns for better workshop coordination.

Personalized marketing campaigns to retain customers

  • Runs proactive service campaigns triggered by connected car data (e.g. diagnostic codes, service due).
  • Drives dealership efficiency with better forecasting capabilities.
  • Builds brand equity by offering exceptional customer experience aligned with OEM brand values.
  • Provides clear ROI measurements, including dealer engagement, customer engagement, click-throughs, scheduled services booked, parts sold etc.

Advanced system integration to streamline workflow

  • Economical and dynamic data capture and normalization.
  • Seamlessly integrates connected car data with dealer DMS data.
  • Delivers standard API integration to OEM connected car platforms/servers.
  • Provides OEM Business Intelligence dashboards.

Unlike other providers, Infodrive Connected Car empowers the economical capture and analysis of real-time connected vehicle data for aftersales workflows. It also empowers OEMs with 3rd party integrations such as DMS and database aggregation to power deeper vehicle lifecycle analysis.

Improve Workflows with Infodrive Nidasu Dealer Portal

The Infodrive Nidasu dealer portal provides dealerships and automakers with powerful applications for event-driven customer programs, dealership optimization and BI analysis.

It utilizes data sourced from automakers, dealerships and customer transactions to empower automated workflow tools.

Dealers can easily manage:

  • Customer retention KPI dashboards
  • Service maintenance plans
  • Lead management and rapid response tracking
  • Lead aggregation – DMS, CRM, Distributor
  • Customer satisfaction surveying – dispatch invitations and import customer data
  • Incident reporting and resolution
  • Dashboard car parc reporting
  • Warranty acceptances

Automakers can easily manage:

Dealer Visit Reporting

  • OEM Regional Manager CRM
  • Brand standards auditing
  • Service and parts visit
  • Sales visit
  • Technical visit
  • Dealer Action Plans
  • Digital Sign-Off

OEM Programs

  • Auto parts rebates
  • Open work order reporting
  • Auto warranty claims
  • Service plan management
  • Financial assistance programs
  • Sales through service
  • Change of ownership

The data-driven Infodrive Nidasu portal provides distinctive new capabilities to drive better decisions, run more effective customer programs and optimize dealer initiatives to grow aftersales.

Turning Data into Insights and Actions

Given the significant technology disruption in the automotive industry, cars are now more than a means of transportation. They continue to evolve and provide an abundance of information on the profile of a customer. Both automakers and dealerships need to keep up with evolving customer expectations and work together to bring an end-to-end customer experience.

Our Infodrive strategy aligns with this common goal. We understand the ‘dual customer’ and we know the importance of adding value to both automakers and dealerships with a scalable, secure data strategy that respects the privacy of your customer.

Our goal is to place data and analytics at the center of the aftersales innovation process.

Collecting data and building automated dashboards is just the start. We understand how to leverage data from disparate sources to develop actionable insights to help automakers and dealers sell more parts and service.

Our Infodrive data platform focuses on personalized customer engagement and dealer optimization to achieve practical, measurable and long-term aftersales growth and results.

Using our vast experience and deep understanding of automotive retail, we’ve designed a data platform that’s easy to implement and custom-designed for the way automakers and dealerships operate.

We’re not a data consulting company delivering silo projects. We are a dedicated, flexible and local partner that understands the realities of the aftersales business better than anyone else globally.

Let’s work together to unlock the value of your data for a more efficient and profitable aftersales business.

Contact us today to get started