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The No. 1 way to boost customer satisfaction

In the motor trade, it’s vital to find effective ways of building great relationships with your customers.

Customers who feel valued are more likely to return to your dealership, so it’s imperative that your Aftersales Department gets your customer experience right.

Once lost, customers rarely come back, so it’s important that you and your Aftersales team adopt a positive service culture at all times.

Focus on transparency – it’s good practice

Many Aftersales, Service and Parts Departments believe that electronic Vehicle Health Check (eVHC) systems have had a positive effect on their general service culture and ability to identify and upsell new work.

It makes the service process more open and transparent, and helps build long lasting customer relationships built on trust.

It’s the general ability of eVHC technology to enhance customer satisfaction levels that’s making it a number 1 choice in most successful dealerships.


How does an eVHC work?

When a vehicle is booked into the workshop for a routine service, a Service Technician will do a thorough vehicle inspection, and record any potential defects using an eVHC system. This process is designed to identify any underlying issues with the vehicle that might not be immediately obvious to a customer.

Colour coding system
Work is allocated a colour depending on the severity of the issue identified (amber: work that needs to be done in the future and red: work that needs to be done urgently).
This simple system allows customers to appreciate the urgency of the work and need for same-day or future action.

Better than a paper-based VHC
Whilst paper-based vehicle assessments are still widely used in the industry, the resulting data is often difficult to access and does not give Service and Aftersales Managers instant access to the performance data that they need. An eVHC stores all data input and, through a dedicated reporting suite, gives accurate information about conversion rates, specific per- sonnel performance, vehicle repair history and more.