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What’s New in Superservice Connect

By October 4, 2022October 10th, 2022Product Updates

October 2022

Check out the new features and updates to Superservice Connect that will help dealerships provide a higher level of service to customers:

NEW: Phone Number Validation

For greater accuracy, phone numbers will be validated for all countries and regions, and will automatically format in real-time as users enter each digit.

NEW: Additional Repair Information 

Whenever a list of repair operations is available to be chosen from, users can now click on the information icon to view more details:

NEW: Operation Pricing Warning

To prevent underquoting to customers, any service or repair operation that’s missing pricing, will now be displayed as ‘Not Priced’.

A ‘Warning’ message will also be presented to the customer to indicate that the price hasn’t been finalised.

UPDATE: Appointment Total

For a better customer experience, the appointment total is now grouped together and displayed within the ‘Service and Repairs’ section of the Appointment Summary.

We hope you enjoy the latest updates to Superservice Connect. Need help or have any questions? Feel free to get in touch with our customer support team!