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March 2020 

We’ve updated the Customer Authorisation screen to make it more transparent and added new custom filters to make Superservice Triage eVHC easier to use!

Customer Authorisation: Brake Measurements

Superservice Triage is all about building trust and transparency with customers, which is why we’ve added brake measurements to the Customer Authorisation screen.

This new section will display the type of measurement unit the dealership uses, such as:

  • “% Remaining”
  • “% Used”
  • “MM remaining”

If a technician adds an operation while measuring the brakes, the operation will also appear under the measurement.

Customer Authorisation: Tyre Price Breakdown

We’ve also made the Customer Authorisation screen more transparent by adding a labour component to the Tyre operation total.

It will now display informational text describing the labour $ value and the breakdown of the total price.

Filters: Organise your Jobs Today Screen

Personalise your Jobs Today screen with your own filters!

Whether you want to filter by Brand or Job Type, to organise the screen for a specific user or locate the correct Repair Order, your custom filters will make Superservice Triage even more intuitive and easier to use.

To configure, add your custom Job Types and/or Brand filter via the Job Details header and assign them to Repair Orders. These can then be filtered on the Jobs Today screen so only the ROs for that specific brand or job type will be shown.

Hot Tip: Filter quickly by typing in the field! It will search as you type so you can easily pick the correct selection from the list.

Bonus: We automatically save your applied filters on the Jobs Today screen, so you can pick up where you left off, even when you refresh or log out of Superservice Triage!

Filters: Reporting for Duty

Need to monitor and focus on specific areas?

Personalise your reports using your custom Job Types and Brand filter, to focus on the information that matters!

The new drop-down filters make it easier to separate by Job types, so you can quickly see how different brands or departments are performing.

Haven’t Set Up your Filters?

  1. Go to Dealer Settings and click Edit
  2. To add a new Job Type, click + and enter the name
  3. Click Save in the right-hand corner within the group!

Whether you’re a Service Advisor or Fixed Ops Manager, use the custom filters in Jobs Today and Reporting to easily get the information that matters to you!

Need help or have any questions? Feel free to get in touch with our customer support team!