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If You Can’t Measure It, You Can’t Improve It

By July 2, 2015May 8th, 2020Service Drive

Leave paper behind.

Improve sales conversion, productivity and accountability with real-time reporting from an electronic multi-point inspection (eMPI).

For most dealerships, measuring service staff performance and inspection sales efficiency tends to be a gut feel based on a few KPIs. To get any level of detailed insight, managers need to retrieve multiple data sets from various dealership processes and systems.

Vehicle inspection and sales data for additional repairs is often fragmented and left behind in silo DMS systems or on paper inspection forms that are never digitized. Consequently, pinpointing areas of improvement is a challenge as measurement is problematic.

Information instantly at your fingertips

In stark contrast, a digital, tablet based multi-point inspection system such as Superservice Triage can track and report on each inspection in real-time, without the need for staff intervention. With inspection results from every angle, staff accountability is enhanced and training requirements quickly understood. Any poor inspection and conversion statistics will immediately be evident.

Importantly with a digital multi-point inspection, statistical information is presented in a way that suits different management styles and information preferences – as part of a snapshot dashboard of key performance indicators or alternatively in more detailed reporting delivered to straight to an inbox. Statistical information can even be exported to Excel for use in PowerPoint presentations and strategy documents.

How do you currently measure the following KPIs?

Here are some of the KPIs that a digital multi-point inspection system such as Superservice Triage MPI, can instantly calculate:

  • Number of Inspection Reports Created
  • Sales and Conversion Rates
  • Dollars Identified and Sold
  • Jobs Sold on Follow-Up
  • Advisor Performance
  • Technician Performance
  • Percentages Sold / Declined / Deferred
  • Averages Sold by Advisor / Tech / Customer
  • Lost Sales

When armed with this actionable intelligence, it’s much easier and efficient for both Technicians and Service Advisors to put steps in place for improvement. The added boost in performance will also translate to a boost in bottom line profits.

Listening to the opinion of your customers is just as critical as measuring your own performance. Discover more.