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Multi-Point Inspection (MPI) with Photo and Video Recommendations

By August 19, 2014August 24th, 2018Service Drive

How many times have you unsuccessfully tried to explain a repair operation to your customer? Usually, they tell you they “just can’t picture it.” Now, they can. With Superservice Triage, the Multi-Point Inspection (MPI) has become a real-time selling tool. This VIN-driven MPI is integrated with photo and video capabilities, allowing service advisors to include the customer in their initial vehicle inspection, revolutionizing customer communication throughout the service experience.


Superservice Triage Multi-Point Inspection represents the ‘Next Generation’ digital process designed to create customer certainty and trust in the repair process. It enables technicians and service advisors to quickly identify, record, and recommend additional repair work that customers were previously unaware of or could not understand. The easy-to-use system operates on any mobile or desktop device with a web browser. The inspection reports are clear and concise; they can be saved, printed and emailed to customers to support the repair estimate.

Now with the addition of photo and video capture feature, workshops have the ability to send customers visual evidence of repair recommendations. This makes it easier to explain the extent of the damage, required parts, labor, and total price. It also facilitates the upsell process; demonstrating transparency to build trust in the service advisor’s recommendations.

Hard sales pressure, whether it’s face-to-face or over the phone, can sometimes create a negative mindset in the eyes of the customer and lose you the sale. Instead of just telling your customers what’s wrong with their vehicle, it’s better to show it and explain it to them.

Actively involving the customer in the inspection process instills trust, certainty, and maximizes repair order approvals. It creates a feeling of ‘being in control of the situation’, from which they can make informed decisions about servicing their vehicles.

Key benefits of Multi-Point Inspections include:

Superservice Triage Multi-Point Inspections

  • Significantly improved sales closure
  • Increased sales of parts and labor
  • Directed process ensures technicians comply with servicing standards
  • Easy to capture photos or videos of needed repairs
  • Easy to share recommendations with customers online
  • Required work is instantly priced with integration to repair menus
  • Detailed customer reports – VIN precise
  • Builds customer trust and retention through transparency
  • Works with any video enabled device