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Last year, we launched the next generation of Microcat EPC to over 140,000 users across 11 automaker brands in 186 countries. It’s our biggest investment yet in the Microcat technology, where we reimagined the EPC from a technical reference tool into a powerful parts selling platform.

Infomedia’s Microcat EPC has been redesigned using Customer-Centric Design (CCD) principles to make it the most streamlined, automated and productive EPC in the industry. We’ve also added powerful new data-driven features to help parts staff identify parts faster and more accurately, empowering them to grow parts counter effectiveness, today and into the future.

The feedback that we’ve received on the new Microcat EPC has been extremely positive, with:

  • Parts department professionals providing a satisfaction rating of 9 out of 10.
  • 92% of users reporting that the new Microcat EPC makes them more efficient in identifying parts to quote to customers.

“I moved to the new Microcat EPC system the first day it was released and have not looked back since.” Allan, Group Warranty Administrator, UK

“I don’t think about the old Microcat now. I believe the new Microcat is the best version to date!” Hanson, Parts Interpreter Specialist, UK

Parts staff at dealerships reveal their top insights from using the next-gen Microcat EPC:

1. More Time Serving Customers, Less Time Navigating the EPC

The new Microcat EPC is more than just a reference tool: it’s been redesigned to be a powerful part selling system. The new user interface is more intuitive, it streamlines the catalog navigation and drives a better sales process. This automation means fewer clicks to find the right parts, resulting in more time spent with customers and proactively selling.

“Microcat EPC boosted our parts sales by 10%.” Paul, Toyota Parts Manager, USA

“Parts sales are up 15–18% since using Microcat EPC.” Danton, Parts Director, USA

2. A New Standard in EPC Parts Searching

Need to look up parts quickly? Microcat EPC has the new Global Search function, the fastest EPC search engine in the industry that allows for both the vehicle and parts to be searched in one step. To speed up the process even more, we’ve added illustration previews with the search results, so parts staff can get to the right parts quickly. Not only does it improve productivity, it also provides a faster service to your customers.

“The Global Search function has cut down look-up time for parts dramatically.” Natasha, Fixed Ops Manager / Dealer Group Spare Parts Manager (Toyota, Honda, Hyundai), UK

“It’s much quicker, more efficient and easier for looking up parts for customers.” Jasmine, Hyundai Parts Administrator, UK

3. Increase Basket Size with ‘Related Parts’ Menus

Less experienced parts staff may not have the knowledge or technical capability to include and upsell ‘related parts’ with primary repair parts. This is costing parts departments sales opportunities of gaskets, O-rings, clips, single-use torque bolts and other ancillary repair parts that often end up being purchased from aftermarket competitors.

With that in mind, we’ve introduced the Service and Repairs add-on module to Microcat EPC. It provides parts departments with the knowledge to grow sales with visibility of related parts and fluids in over 300 service, repair and accessory fitment jobs.

“We are now able to see and pinpoint exactly what the customers need for a specific job. If they’re doing wheel bearing, it comes with all the recommended parts straight away, so you can efficiently quote the exact job for the customer, which makes it easy for them.” Jarrod, Toyota Parts Interpreter, Australia

The VIN-specific integrated menus also streamline the quoting workflow and reduce errors with one easy and convenient location to find menu information within the EPC.

“Previously, if we had a retail customer look for parts for a heavy repair, we would have to jump between the parts and service department to get all the information and parts required for the job, to then provide it to the customer. Now, we’ve got it all in one space and we can serve customers seamlessly.” Chris, Honda Parts Manager, Australia

4. Grow Accessories and Fluids Sales

Is your team maximizing sales of fluids and lubricants? The introduction of VIN-specific Service and Repair menus gives parts staff the exact specification, capacities and package quantities for fluids and lubricants used in common jobs. Microcat EPC provides access to over 300 accessory fitment jobs, which means parts staff no longer need to walk across the workshop floor to the service department for technical advice, allowing them to compete with the aftermarket.

“So impressed with the Service and Repairs menus. We used to waste time bothering the service department for this information. It’s great that we can now access this information ourselves.” Natasha, Fixed Ops Manager / Dealer Group Spare Parts Manager (Toyota, Honda, Hyundai), UK

5. Keep Track of all your Jobs

Another way to improve efficiency and sales effectiveness is to better manage your customers. The new Vehicle History function helps keep track of previously searched vehicles.

“The Vehicle History feature is very useful, especially for us as a busy parts department, constantly in and out of different vehicles on Microcat EPC.” Luke, Hyundai Parts Advisor, UK

“I like the way how, once you’ve searched for a vehicle, the app will save the search in your recent searches, with a picture of the car and the time that you searched for the vehicle. This has helped us a lot!” Jasmine, Hyundai Parts Administrator, UK

Parts staff spend much of their day simultaneously managing multiple customers and jobs. Microcat EPC’s Active Jobs feature helps keep track of all of them. Each new lookup is seamlessly organized and saved as an ‘Active Job’, giving a quick look at all the ‘Jobs in Progress’.

“Some of the challenges in managing multiple jobs at once is that some of the parts were getting mixed into the wrong orders. With the new Active Jobs tab, we can now open multiple jobs and make sure that all the parts are assigned to the right job.” Chris, Honda Parts Manager, Australia

“I like being able to create a new job straight away without disturbing the previous job, and being able to swap in and out of jobs.” Jarrod, Toyota Parts Interpreter, Australia

6. Start a Conversation with Customers

Does your parts department have large wholesale parts customers? Are your customers putting up with long call waiting times? Microcat EPC now has an integrated Messenger app. It offers your parts department and your customers a fast and efficient communications channel to deliver accurate parts information to assist multiple customers quickly.

“Microcat Messenger connects our Microcat EPC directly to our wholesale customers, like body shops, and to our technicians in the workshop. It saves a lot of time, improves part order accuracy and boosts our parts department performance.” Alan, Ford Parts Manager, USA

“It’s effective, easy and efficient. I chose Microcat Messenger because it was a seamless transition and value for money. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it to others.” Paul, Toyota Parts Manager, USA

7. Go Beyond the Parts Counter

Powered by leading-edge SaaS technology, the new Microcat EPC also integrates with Microcat CRM to help your field reps sell parts on the go! It gives parts staff the flexibility to access the full catalog data on any mobile device, view parts campaigns and manage customer communications. Microcat integrations provide parts department staff and field reps who talk to wholesale customers with tools to offer superior service and sell OEM parts anytime, anywhere.

8. Track and Analyze your Parts Sales

The best way to know if your current process is working is to measure it. Microcat EPC Analytics helps automakers understand the demand for parts by tracking and measuring EPC lookup activity against parts order conversion. Management can utilize these critical insights to make better decisions, improve target marketing activities and improve parts sales performance.

Microcat EPC: Parts Selling Reimagined

We’ve changed the parts game again with the next-gen Microcat EPC that helps automakers and dealerships sell more parts by streamlining the sales process and adding data-driven features to empower both staff and customers.

“The new Microcat EPC, compared to other catalogs I’ve used in the past, is just miles beyond what else is out there at the moment.” Jarrod, Toyota Parts Interpreter, Australia

“I would definitely recommend the new Microcat EPC. I believe it sets a new standard for Parts Catalogs. It’s cutting-edge and an essential tool for my team to be more efficient and profitable. It’s a real game changer.” Chris, Honda Parts Manager, Australia

“I believe that the new Microcat EPC is so easy to use and has many features that can help. I would recommend this to many dealers.” Jasmine, Hyundai Parts Administrator, UK

Discover what you can achieve with the new Microcat EPC. Contact us to learn how you can innovate your parts sales processes and drive new efficiencies.

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