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After a tough couple of years, succeeding in today’s aftersales business is more challenging than ever before. Dealerships must reduce cost, sell more, make more on each sale and keep more of what they make, or they fall behind. Doing so requires creative management, innovative technology and competitive advantages, which we’ll dive into in this article.

The Management Challenge

No matter what position you hold at the dealership – Dealer Principal, General Manager, Fixed Ops Manager, Parts, Service, Bodyshop Manager – you’ll probably struggle to constantly answer three, not-so-simple, questions:

  • “How do I sell more?”
  • “How do I make more on each sale?”
  • “How do I keep more of from each sale?”
There are numerous approaches dealerships take to answer these questions. Some strive for outstanding CSI. Others focus on the most convenient hours, the latest software, the best trained staff or the most modern facility. Rarely is there a single solution. Dealerships need to utilise a mix of strategies that answer those three questions and create a formula for success.

“Dealerships must reduce cost, sell more, make more on each sale and keep more of what they make.”

Innovative Technology

A highly effective component of that strategic mix is implementing software that utilises OEM data to sell more, make more and keep more profits.

As dealerships look for new technology for their parts and service business, speed and process automation are minimum expectations.

This is where genuine OEM information plays a key role. The most powerful sales and productivity tools dealerships use in parts and service, are all powered by 100% genuine OEM data. OEM data can help streamline sales processes, ensure accuracy and save time, resulting in reduced costs, higher profits and greater customer satisfaction and loyalty.

The OEM Data Competitive Advantage

Why is software driven by genuine OEM data – or factory data – so important when considering the right technology for your dealership? Because the accuracy and integrity of genuine OEM data creates better outcomes for your dealership and your customers. Key benefits include:

1. Greater Accuracy

Get it right the first time! The genuine OEM data in Infomedia’s solutions come from the latest data feed from the automaker. For example, our Microcat Electronic Parts Catalog has automatic online updates that provide Parts Departments with accurate and up-to-date vehicle specifications, VINs, part data and numbers, illustrations, pricing and other key information. This results in fewer parts returns and happier customers.

You can trust genuine OEM data. On the other hand, aftermarket data is compiled by third parties and is not always up-to-date or accurate. It is not VIN-precise, which can cause friction in the sales process from ordering the wrong part, inaccurate model details, pricing discrepancies and other issues that result in delays, increased cost and unhappy customers.

Something as “small” as an incorrect part number can result in:

  • A car not being fixed on time
  • An incorrect service repair quote
  • Additional cost of a rental car to appease the vehicle owner
  • An unproductive and underutilized technician due to idle time
  • A backlog in the Service Department’s schedule
  • An incorrect part that may become idle inventory
  • A customer who’ll complain to friends about their negative experience
  • A dissatisfied customer who’ll never return to the dealership or OEM brand

“‘The most powerful sales and productivity tools used in parts and service departments, are all powered by 100% genuine OEM data.”

2. Reduced Cost

Dealerships can keep more of each sale with OEM data by reducing operational costs. Service and parts staff don’t have to waste time looking up multiple aftermarket sources, fixing quoting errors or dealing with costly part returns due to inaccurate orders.

No special servers or manual updates are needed because Infomedia automatically processes and immediately makes OEM data available. Updates are delivered using the best, most reliable cloud infrastructure. In addition, the cost of training a new hire is greatly reduced because less technical knowledge is needed to understand complex vehicle and repair information.

3. Easy to Learn, Easy to Use

Combined with an intuitive user interface, OEM data-driven solutions make it easier and faster for both new and experienced users to effectively create a great customer experience. When information is VIN-precise, sales processes are streamlined and there are no complex data sources to interpret. For example, our VIN-precise Superservice Menus quoting tool can be used by anyone in the dealership to quote quickly and accurately for complex repairs. Mechanical knowledge is not required. Having access to the latest pricing reduces the time spent researching parts information and labour times.

Whether it’s a service booking, a vehicle inspection, a repair quote or a collision parts order, instant VIN-precise OEM data removes friction and improves customer experience.

4. Enhanced Customer Satisfaction

Genuine OEM data and Infomedia’s solutions create a superior customer experience through more understandable repair recommendations, faster service, more accurate quotes and greater convenience.

Superservice helps service staff deliver fully priced and itemised service quotes that deepens understanding and strengthens the value of genuine service. The results? Customers feel in-control and informed about their vehicle’s servicing and are more trusting of dealership staff. This increases service conversion rates along with parts and labour sales. Customers are also more satisfied, leading to higher customer retention rates beyond the warranty period.

“Genuine OEM data-driven solutions make it easier and faster to effectively create a great customer experience.”

Infomedia Solutions

The biggest differentiator between Infomedia and other solution providers, is our foundation of 100% genuine OEM data.

Through our long history and extensive experience, we have developed an intimate knowledge of automotive fixed operations, enabling us to develop best-in-class data-driven solutions for our customers, from dealership parts and service reps to fleet parts buyers, repair garages and the collision industry.

We offer features, functionality and capabilities that are designed to make our customers’ jobs easier, while delivering greater productivity, higher profits and
happier customers.

The bottom line is that Infomedia’s genuine OEM data-based solutions help dealerships and other customers sell more, make more on each sale and keep more of what they make.